Homebuyer Education

St. John CDC advocates and encourages homeownership in the Overtown and greater Miami-Dade County communities by hosting Homebuyer Education Workshops on a regular basis.

These well attended workshops target the St. John CDC’s tenant base to encourage and assist them in transitioning from renting into homeownership.

The workshops are sponsored by financial institutions that have established a working relationship with the St. John CDC,  and they provide education and counseling  on the advantages  and disadvantages of homeownership.   St. John CDC developed the first new construction homeownership project in the community for fifty years, “St. John Village Homes I”, a 14-unit split level townhome-style project featuring stainless steel energy efficient appliances, central air/heat, large kitchens and pantries, indoor laundries and French doors leading to landscaped outdoor patios.    The organization strongly emphasizes the advantages of homeownership, which are as follows:

  • It is usually a good investment
  • It stabilizes housing costs from year to year
  • It establishes pride of ownership and strong community ties
  • It builds equity and savings
  • The tax incentives result in wealth building income
  • The financial benefits are long term

St. John CDC plans to continue the new home construction homeownership program and provide training and counseling  for tenants and community residents to take advantage of the  opportunity to fulfill the “American Dream” of owning their own home.

St. John Village Homes I